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Past events...

We invite you to relive the excitement and memories of our previous gatherings and celebrations.


Whether you attended these events or are simply curious about the experiences we offer, our gallery page allows you to immerse yourself in the energy and joy that filled the air. From the smiles on people's faces to the intricate details of the decor, each image tells a story and paints a vivid picture of the event.


Thank you for visiting our gallery page showcasing our past events. We hope that it sparks your curiosity, brings a smile to your face, and inspires you to join us for future gatherings.

Dine in Art: Dinner Party

August 13, 2023

A 7- course dining experience

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JAXX Cannabis       S.K.I.N.

The Summer Soirée:
A Tropical Day Party

June 4, 2023

Kick off each Summer at The Midday Soirée

Thank you to our Sponsor: Boycott Shitty Weed

March 5, 2023

Soirée X Runway

The upscale marketplace for all things Art, Fashion, and glamour.

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Boycott Shitty Weed                 Roots & Vines Wine